Thursday, March 12, 2009

Biochemistry is Hard!


I love it when Creationists point out the fact that they have no clue how evolution actually occurs.

From a Washington post article titled The Genesis of a Debate comes this choice quote from a biochemistry major:

Near the end of the "Evolution Trail," the class showed no signs of being swayed by the polished, enthusiastic presentation of Darwin's theory. They were surprised, though, by the bronze statue of man's earliest mammalian ancestor.

"A rat?" exclaimed Amanda Runions, a 21-year-old biochemistry major, when she saw the model of a morganucodon, a rodent-like ancient mammal that curators have dubbed Grandma Morgie. "All this hype for a rat? You're expecting, like, at least an ape."

A biochemistry major? You are kidding me. Is she an alchemist?

I can't even wrap my brain around a science major spouting such a blatantly Bryan-esque display of ignorance. What in the hell do they teach you in that school?

Liberty "University" you say? That explains it I suppose.

I did some digging, and I found a description of the University's biology curriculum:


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