Friday, December 19, 2008

What Happens When You Get What You Want?


Let's forget for a second that Intelligent design is utterly unprovable. Let's also bypass that it's a philosophical issue rather than anything remotely adhering to a scientific theory.

What would happen if ID proponents actually succeeded in placing the creation story in American school books? What would be the logistic repercussions brought about by this shift?

In my mind, the most obviously glaring problem would be: Which creation story do we add to our curriculum?

The United States of America has become more and more multicultural throughout the information age and it's unlikely for this fact to change for the foreseeable future. Based on this fact alone, a biology class would morph into a theology class spending large amounts of time on explaining each and every one of the major religion's creation stories. It's also very hard to put each religion's creation story into context without pumping background information on each into the lesson plan.

Don't most curriculum already cover theology in social studies? Why do we need to trod the same ground in science class?

"That would never happen.", you say. "America is a Christian nation!"

OK, let's play ball with that conjecture.

Christianity achieves a massive victory and ID is now to be taught in science class. We will learn the true creation story Joseph Smith was told by the great Angel Moroni.

What? You say the Mormon faith is hogwash and not a mainstream Christian belief system?

The state of Utah would disagree with you.

Do you really think that the denizens of Salt Lake City are going to give up without a fight? The LDS has over 30 billion dollars worth of resources to pour into pushing their agenda, and the prop 8 debacle shows just how willing they are to use them.

Denominations have split and lifelong enmity was created simply from arguments about instrumentation during worship services.

Do you really think that multiple Christian denominations could ever agree on a unified curriculum when each believes that it is the true church?

I seriously doubt it.

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