Friday, January 16, 2009

fundaMENTAL Deficiencies: Just Say No to Abortion Doughnuts


There was a time on this Earth when you could eat a doughnut without having a Holy book toting lunatic condemning you to a myriad of nether worlds.

Alas, that time has passed us now that the courageous American Life League is here to save us. It looks like those communistic Obama loving baby-killers at Krispy Kreme are giving away free doughnuts upon the new president's inauguration this Tuesday.

Now if that alone wasn't insidious enough, those limp wristed pastry atheists have dared to use the word CHOICE in their press release. Of course we all know what choice means don't we? MURDERING BABIES!

In the immortal words of ALL's president "Downtown" Judie Brown on the ALL website:

"The next time you stare down a conveyor belt of slow-moving, hot, sugary glazed donuts at your local Krispy Kreme you just might be supporting President-elect Barack Obama's radical support for abortion on demand – including his sweeping promise to sign the Freedom of Choice Act as soon as he steps in the Oval Office, Jan. 20.

The doughnut giant released the following statement yesterday:

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Inc. (NYSE: KKD) is honoring American's sense of pride and freedom of choice on Inauguration Day, by offering a free doughnut of choice to every customer on this historic day, Jan. 20. By doing so, participating Krispy Kreme stores nationwide are making an oath to tasty goodies -- just another reminder of how oh-so-sweet "free" can be.

Just an unfortunate choice of words? For the sake of our Wednesday morning doughnut runs, we hope so. The unfortunate reality of a post Roe v. Wade America is that "choice" is synonymous with abortion access and celebration of 'freedom of choice' is a tacit endorsement of abortion rights on demand.

President-elect Barack Obama promises to be the most virulently pro-abortion president in history. Millions more children will be endangered by his radical abortion agenda.

Celebrating his inauguration with "Freedom of Choice" doughnuts – only two days before the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision to decriminalize abortion – is not only extremely tacky, it's disrespectful and insensitive and makes a mockery of a national tragedy.

A misconstrued concept of "choice" has killed over 50 million preborn children since Jan. 22, 1973. Does Krispy Kreme really want their free doughnuts to celebrate this "freedom.""

As of Thursday morning, Communications Director Brian Little could not be reached for comment. We challenge Krispy Kreme doughnuts to reaffirm their commitment to true freedom – to the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – and to separate themselves and their doughnuts from our great American shame."

This is absolute insanity. My Poe's Law sensor was ringing like Egon's PKE meter, but it does seem like this group is as genuine as any nutty pro life crackpot organization can be.

As the immortal D.P. Gumby once said "My Brain Hurts!"

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  1. Well, of course it's *way* better to have people saddled with babies they really, really don't want than to give them the choice to stop the process that will turn a clump of cells into a human being after months of work. I mean, having cigarettes put out on your arm by drunken mommy, being rapedby daddy every morning while mommy sleeps on, or being beaten to death with a coat hanger on your third birthday for making too much noise all PALE in comparison with having never been born in that particular body at that particular time to that particular family. sheesh.


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