Thursday, January 22, 2009

Randi and Specialized Vocabulary

James Randi shows how susceptible we are to the wording used by certain groups to push their agenda's.

Newspeak anyone?

I would also like to claim the $1,000,000 challenge by showcasing my vast psychic powers. During final Jeopardy last night, the topic was plays from the 1980's. I blurted out Glengarry Glen Ross right before the screen faded to the commercial break. When we came back to Alex and Co. the answer made me laugh like a maniac.

This Pulitzer Prize-winning play was inspired by the writer's own experiences selling real estate in Chicago.

The question, of course, was Glengarry Glen Ross. I have now made more accurate and detailed predictions than Sylvia and Rosemary combined.

My wife didn't act impressed, and I don't think she was paying attention when I blurted out the title. She said she did, but I suspect that I was being humored. She doubts my all seeing powers!

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