Thursday, January 8, 2009

The List: The 10 Coolest Science Toys


There comes a time in every geeks life when he has to explain the purchase of a toy to a significant other.

This is something, male or female, we all must face to keep the delicate balance of sweet sweet lovin' and our holy swag flowing like spice melange.

The beautiful thing about this list of educational icons is the trump card they contain. Each and every one of these toys are chock full of SCIENCE!

Since most of you probably fraternize with a geeky mate this provides a carte blanche for the two of you to spend a small fortune on fetish items in the name of learning.

You're welcome.

10. Hydrodynamic Building Set


This insanely awesome building kit is complicated enough for the most hardened Mindstorms vet. Just like Ted Stevens, you can construct your very own series of tubes. Perhaps you could create a self contained hydroponic greenhouse in the hope of going insane with Bruce Dern.

9. Genetics and DNA Kit


Just dye your hair red and peer over a pair of sunglasses. I think you'll find the pithy sayings come quite easily. YEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!

8. Desktop Carnivorous Plant Set


Once you have these meat eating plants growing on your desk, there are some necessary things that you have to do. Oh, flies and water is a given, but I was thinking of whispering to them and laughing maniacally whilst staring at your coworkers. Soon my pretties!

7. Uberstix Uberpult


The world has suffered, I think, from a lack of siege weapons. The tyranny of your neighbors cat can successfully be held at bay with this building kit. Best of all you can use this with Lego, K'Nex, or even household items to create your malevolent creations.

6. Fly Stick Van de Graaff Levitation Wand


This portable Van de Graaf generator is the only item on this list to possibly lead to your immolation as a witch. So you should probably stay away from Kansas.

5. Prime Entertainment QX-5 Microscope


Imagine gazing into your monitor admiring the delicate trace of a butterflies wing. Of course this would mostly be used to make really cool wallpaper for your iPhone.

4. MegaZooka


This gives you all the fun of firing a weapon at someone, without the messy legal problems and cleaning bills. It also makes a rather satisfying noise.

3. Frigits Deluxe


This is just ridiculously awesome. I have nothing more to say.

2. Singing Rare Earth Magnets

Cheap, noisy, and mysteriously hypnotic what more can you ask for really? They also have the added bonus of being incredibly strong magnets. The mischief factor is very high.

1. EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth Goggles


You will be the envy of every geek in a three state radius with these goggles. Most of us will just use them to annoy our spouses.

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  1. Ooooh, I've GOT to have those Frigits. Hope they'll ship to Holland....


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