Monday, January 26, 2009

The List: 5 Fantastic Animated Depictions of Evolution


Darwin's revolutionary idea is perhaps the most elegant scientific process we have ever discovered. Is there any fantasy that is more interesting than the familial connection between whales and hippos?

The elegance is highlighted even more when the process is put in animated form. A word of warning as these aren't the most accurate representations in the world, but I'm willing to forgive a lot to see Moe Sizlak devolving.

5.Matt Lloyd's Hand Drawn Evolution

Hand drawn evolution from Matt Lloyd on Vimeo

Matt Lloyd has created a really ingenious paper animation. Simple and cool, Lloyd deftly creates the bird's path.

4. Evolution in 4 Minutes From Godbestaatniet2005

I don't know very much about the creator of this video, the words were all in Hollish or something. A very bizarre animation style, sort of a mix between stop motion and real photography, gotta love the Dutch.

3. Walking with Dinosaurs

Wickedly cool 5 minute sequence from Walking with Dinosaurs. This is probably the most scientifically accurate of the five.

2. Guinness Evolution

Guinness's award winning commercial proves the link between the development of our species and the most delicious beverage ever created.

1. The Evolution of Homer

It just goes to show you that The Simpsons are light years ahead of most things on television. I really like the homer rat.


  1. Entertaining! Love the Guinness commercial (and Guinness, for that matter :-) ). Though they won't be winning any fundamentalist customers that way....

    #4: God bestaat niet = God doesn't exist.

  2. Yeah I was just going by the posters user name, which is all I could find. I can't speak Hollish unfortunately. :P

  3. Well, I live there, so I'd better know what it means. :-) Thought you'd like his choice of handles.


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