Friday, January 30, 2009

Robots are Cool, and Terrifying

Why does this robot-dog thing scare the crap out of me? Can't....look......away!


  1. Because it's a robot-giant-fly, not a robot-dog.

  2. Because you've seen both Robocop and The Fly?

    Seriously, I think it creeps us out in a way that, say, R2D2 doesn't, because it initially resembles animal life but is freakishly unnatural in composition: the midriff, the spindly legs holding the large body, the lack of an identifiable head.

    But what gorgeous, elegant motion! The fall-breaking and the climbing are almost perfect replicas of natural animal motion. Wow.

    Wouldn't want to be the guy who kicked it sideways when it gains sentience, though. ;-) And though "payload" made me think "military," I don't suppose it will be used for stealth operations with that enormous buzz.

  3. It's being developed for DARPA, so it's probably going to be tapped for military use.


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